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Sport England to Invest 1m in Water Skiing

A great start to 2009 for sport as a whole as Sport England announce a 480m investment in 46 sports with the overall aim of delivering greater sporting opportunities for all.  Working closely with the national governing bodies of sport to deliver on their new strategy, this commits Sport England to delivering a world-leading community sport system with a series of demanding targets by 2012/13 as follows:

  • one million people doing more sport
  • a 25% reduction in the number of 16-18 year olds who drop out of five key sports
  • improved talent development systems in at least 25 sports
  • a measurable increase in people’s satisfaction with their experience of sport
  • a major contribution to the delivery of the five hour sports offer for children and young people.

The individual investment decisions for each sport followed on from a rigorous assessment and a four-month period of engagement with individual sports each having to document and demonstrate how they could contribute to Sport England’s new strategy of “Grow, Sustain and Excel”. This detailed and lengthy process ensured that the right level of funding is being invested in the right places with individual sports being “commissioned” to deliver on specific targets and achieve Sport England objectives.  Sport England will monitor and evaluate results on a quarterly basis, and will hold governing bodies of sport accountable for their progress. 


As part of this targeted investment plan, water skiing will receive 1m over the next 4 years to support its development programmes as part of the 2009-13 Sport England Strategy funding round.  This investment represents a 36% increase on previous levels of funding directed at water skiing and an exciting opportunity to develop the sport, improve coaching standards and encourage greater levels of participation in the sport whilst identifying and supporting clear talent pathways for promising young athletes.


British Water Ski looks forward to further working in partnership with Sport England during what is indeed an exciting time for sport in the lead up to the 2012 London Olympics.  Having also recently secured an additional four years of funding from UK Sport and with our very strong track record of achievement and delivery on targets, this means we can only build on our success to further develop, support and promote the sport.

Welcome to season 2009 ...     

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