For decades water skiers have been able to use the Norfolk and Suffolk rivers for water skiing. In recent years, all leisure use and water sports on the rivers have become more regulated to protect the environment and to set good safety standards. Unfortunately water skiing is a minority sport compared to all other river users, and over the years areas designated for water skiing have become minimal and some people have targeted water skiing for a total ban.

Designated zones now restrict water skiers to a tiny fraction of the waterways. None of the zones have ever been on the main broads, but are on ten short stretches on two of the rivers. Time restrictions contain this to a further fraction of day light hours. All of us are local people who love the outdoors and most of us have a keen interest in protecting the countryside. Family's, children and grandparents take part or sometimes come along to watch. Environmental and safety studies, which were commissioned to find evidence for a ban, confirmed we have a negligible impact. But water skiers are still being targeted.



Eastern Rivers Ski Club was formed to cater for all water skiers and wakeboarders who use the various zones on the rivers.

It was decided that instead of several little clubs making a few noises, one BIG Club could speak for everyone. The Eastern Rivers Ski Club is the only club available to water skiers who choose to use the river's water skiing areas.

A group of water skiers have been working very hard behind the scenes for a number of years, to ensure that skiers throughout East Anglia can continue to use the rivers, but we need help and support from all skiers.



Eastern Rivers Ski Club is in negotiation with the Broads Nation Park, the more members we have the harder we will work to make sure everyone can continue to enjoy water skiing on the rivers of Norfolk and Suffolk.