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( Byelaw 6e )
( Blind Water skier Defies Law )      

Concerning All  Ski Boat Owners  

      As you are no doubt aware, the broads authority recently completed a review of waterskiing on the Broads.The review recommended actions and mitigation measures in order that a number of concerns could either be addressed or additional information gathered to support any further reviews or decisions.

The recommendation included the requirement for all registered water ski vessels to be tested for noise generation against the British Water Ski "Code Of Practice for Water Skiing and Noise" and also to determine the wash characteristics of each boat.

This testing will be in the form of several workshops, with each boat needing to spend approximately 30 minutes doing 4 consecutive runs with a skier in tow, with the noise level and wash height being recorded for each run. Each boat will need to complete:

  • 2 runs at 18mph ( one upstream and one downstream )
  • 2 runs at 22mph ( one upstream and one downstream )

'All the ski boats that have attended these workshops have passed the criteria'