News, Byelaw 6e

Further to the recent letter all LSV owners received in late July from the Broads Authority, 'What's left after byelaw 6e? Byelaw 6e- Skier shall remain on or in the water whilst being towed. Unfortunately this means we have to tell you that ALL air tricks contravene byelaw 6e and should not be executed on any of the Broads runs. Some knee boarding tricks will also be covered by these byelaws.

First of all, I must stress this implementation of byelaw 6e was not Broads Authority led, in fact the Broads Authority are still committed to giving us a future within the Broads, but there exists a small group of antagonists who are stirring up the old prejudices against our sport and are using their own interpretation of byelaw 6e to drive their prejudice.

In short, our continued sporting activity on the Broads now sits on a knife edge and the next four months are critical.


Byelaw 6e- Skier shall remain on or in the water whilst being towed Byelaw 12- Maximum wash 12"

Your committee is working very hard behind the scenes with the B.W.S to secure our future. We have finalized our strategy to eliminate these antagonists and will commission a specialist company to aid us for the December 8th Broads Forum presentation.

In the interim period, there is however a very important role for you the club members to play in that we urge you all please implement all aspects of the SBDA syllabus you took, and to respect other river users. Above all, Ski safely, wisely, and in accordance with the existing management plan, in order that we rise above the bigotry being displayed towards us, thereby eliminating any potential for future criticism.

This is NOT the end of Wake boarding on the Broads but we will need to change our style for a while..