Last season our members once again have proven their resolve to behave in a responsible manner and rise above any criticism thrown at them. An excellent example of this was the uptake of the voluntary noise and wash tests held by the Broads Authority and our club. The results finally dispel any myths about our sport with only one boat temporary failing the noise test and all boats passing the wash test well within the 300mm limit. PLEASE see below a message from the Broads Authority with regards to the next test.


Annual General Meeting 4the June 7:30pm
Brundall Motor Yacht Club

The big news this year is the implementation of the Broads Authority Bill. Click here for Steve Birtles report, which I will explain at the AGM.


I look forward to seeing you all at Brundall Motor Yacht Club 4th June 19:30 for this  years AGM.





 Our club and its members have come along way since the dark ages of the late 80's and we can all hold our heads up high and be proud of our behavior and achievements to date, but please remember there are always critics out there watching and waiting to remove us from the Broads. 

If you have any questions on the bill please contact us.

Click here to view S.O.S. 2006
Click here to view S.O.S. 2007