Well, 2005 was certainly a tough year for the club and it's membership with regards to wakeboarding. I was totally taken aback by the venomous slating wakeboarding has taken on certain websites, and once again these idiots with their bigoted statements have influenced the Broads Authority.

Your committee has been working very hard behind the scenes, with a lot of time and money invested, to stabilise the situation. I must also thank some very dedicated wakeboarders for their support and enthusiasm, namely Rob ( Turkey ) Martin, Trevor, Stephen and Ben. I am now looking to the rest of the membership to show their support and commitment.




Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM and witnessed first hand the efforts of the committee and viewed the DVD that we commissioned.

Looking on the bright side and with all the correct links in the chain, the Broads Authority are aiming to change the byelaws this year with a view of keeping our sport within the Broads. The timetable for this is a consultation period with us, in early April, with a private bill being submitted to parliament in November. The Broads Authority has also shown commitment to our sport by upgrading our ski zone signs, which will be installed in May. Check out our Ski Zones page to view the new sign, and all the ski zones.

This is the most important year our club has faced to date; there will be a lot of lobbying to remove us from the Broads, so please make sure we are all whiter than white and remember courtesy rules the river. Please encourage all friends to join the club as there is strength in numbers and even with 6e hanging over us, with a strong voice and healthy membership numbers we can change 6e and modify the bylaws.